Cameron Cashwell

Front-End Web Developer, Web Engineer /

My background consists of about 6.4 years experience in Web; with primary duties of acting as a Front-End Web Developer, but also a Full-Stack Developer, Web Designer, and Entrepreneur. I created two freelance sole proprietors in the past, Dark Green LLC and 'Dcoi Designs' both with slightly different Web and Development niche services. I have also done a lot of contract work, varying 6 month to a year, and primarily on-site; I enjoyed this work setup as I got to see a variety of different types of projects and industry mediums. I've acted as a Dev in Marketing and Advertising environments, eLearning, Publishing, Pharma, and more. I'm full stack capable, but lean toward the front-end, passion wise.

Greystone Lending, NYC region — QA Developer (Contract)

July 2018 - September 2018

  • User testing of financial react/ruby web application
  • Program automated test scripts in node.js, nightwatch.js, JavaScript, browserstack, selenium
  • Running an array of test scenerios & issue tracking
  • Documentation of application bugs, and errors
  • Identifying & troubleshooting console, code, and network errors
  • Working with development team for issue resolution & fixes

Carney, Inc, Washington D.C. Metro — Software Engineer (Contract)

March 2017 - November 2017

  • Work on Government training eLearning Courseware
  • Implement & program eLearning Courseware
  • Implement, integrate, modify & program XML, JavaScript, ActionScript, SCORM, Relational DBS, OOP.
  • Adhere & program to Government 508 Compliance
  • Iterate processes, fix issues, assist in scope management
  • Test / Deploy Courseware within multiple phases
  • Federal clients; DoD, DSS, CDSE, FBI, etc
  • Obtained Secret Clearance

Dark Green, LLC, Remote — Freelance Web Developer

March 2016 - February 2017

  • Provide freelance web development services to agencies, startups, and small business clients.
  • Code new web properties from scratch, or with given design.
  • Develop custom WordPress CMS websites, end-to-end, providing updates, management, design skinning, migrations, and custom themes.
  • Optimize build web properties for performance, semantically, accessibility, scalability, progressive enhancement, and better practice.
  • Handle cross platform, resolution, and cross browser development.
  • Provide consulting and expert advice on front-end web development.
  • Technologies used: HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS, WordPress CMS/Drupal CMS, mobile web development, analytics/metrics, Vanilla JS/jQuery, Git Version Control, layout design, and Linux/Ubuntu

GSW (inVentiv Health), NYC region — Web Developer (Contract)

December 2015 - March 2016

  • Provided updates, fixes, enhancements, and expansion to InVentiv Health agency web properties.
  • Created JavaScript prototypes.
  • Most web properties setup with Gulp, Ant, Vagrant, and similar Linux build processes.
  • Technologies used: HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS, Vanilla JS / jQuery, Git Version Control, Linux / Gulp, Ant, and Vagrant

Fly Communications, Inc., NYC region — Web Developer

March 2015 - December 2015

  • Worked as a Front-End Web Developer in agency environment.
  • Coded new websites, web pages, web apps, and emails from design files; or fixing, updating, expanding, and enhancing legacy web properties.
  • Worked with management on providing time estimates.
  • Developed with best practice, performance, usability, W3C standards, and scalability in mind.
  • Collaborated with small development team on larger web projects.
  • Technologies used: HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS, Vanilla JS / jQuery, Git Version Control / Bitbucket, HTML email / XHTML, Cross Browser / Device, Twitter Bootstrap, Raphael.js, Adobe Photoshop, Performance / Scalability, and Responsive

Aquent/ Vitamin T, Los Angeles, CA— Web Developer

April 2014 - March 2015

Company Info Synopsis

While engaged at BeyondCurious from 10/14 to 03/15:

  • WordPress Web Developer to create a new custom WordPress CMS website / web portal for internal Toyota employees.
  • Worked with lead designer and project manager, building out custom, interactive, responsive, and dynamic new WordPress design/ theme from scratch.
  • Managed local, staging, and production environments.
  • Created custom functionalities through code or by modifying and customizing reputable plugins (including user permissions, emails, custom content, and more).
  • Technologies used: WordPress CMS / PHP, HTML5 / CSS3, Vanilla JS / jQuery, Best Practices, HTML email, D3.js / Ajax, Git / Github / Mamp, mobile web development, and Jira

While engaged at Conversion Systems from 04/14 to 09/14:

  • Worked as a contract Front End Web Developer in a Microsoft stack / agency environment.
  • Primarily coding out new adaptive e-commerce websites, web pages, and web forms from scratch within
  • Visual Studio on top of back end layer.
  • Other tasks included updating, fixing, and expanding existing web properties and optimizing rich media for web.
  • Some other small duties included building HTML emails, WordPress CMS development, and working with Optimizely.
  • Technologies used: e-commerce, Microsoft stack / ASP, HTML / XHTML / HTML5 / CSS3, jQuery/ Vanilla JS / Jwplayer, Version Control / Visual Studio, mobile web development, WordPress CMS, XHTML email, cross browser / cross device, and Optimizely

Dcoi Designs, Inc, Remote — Web Design & Development (Owner)

February 2013 - April 2014

  • Provided both website graphic design services as well as complete web development services.
  • Designed and built small to mid-sized websites for primarily small business (such as real estate) and agency clients.
  • Designed concepts using Photoshop and fireworks.
  • Developed, coded, and built with either sublime text from scratch and/or WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.
  • Provided webmaster services, advice, bug fixing, usability research and more.
  • Technologies used: HTML / HTML5 / CSS3, jQuery / JS / ajax, WordPress CMS / Drupal CMS,
  • Layout Design / Graphic Design, Social APIs, mobile web development, Joomla CMS, e- commerce, and Google Analytics / API

TEKsystems, NYC region — Web Developer (Contract)

November 2012 - February 2013

While engaged at JUICE Pharma Worldwide:

  • Worked as a contract Front End Web Developer in mid-sized pharma agency environment.
  • Built out and optimized web properties for internal tablet devices and software using front-end code alongside senior developers.
  • Developed new UI features for web properties from design files (such as responsive nav, slide out elements, etc.).
  • Created web animation prototypes in down time.
  • Technologies used: HTML5 / CSS3, Vanilla JS / jQuery, versions / version control, mobile web development, and cross device

Random House, Inc., NYC region — Web Producer

August 2011 - July 2012

  • Developed microsites, landing pages, and email campaigns for Crown Random House Publishing.
  • Managed, maintained, and enhanced existing legacy Crown web properties.
  • Developed web properties for cross browser, and cross device performance.
  • Managed email marketing campaigns and subscriber lists.
  • Gathered and reported stats using Adobe Omniture and Google Analytics.
  • Technologies used: XHTML / HTML / CSS3, WordPress CMS, Vanilla JS / jQuery, Mailchimp / Campaign Manager, HTML email, email list management, Adobe Omniture / Google Analytics, Social APIs, and Internet Explorer 6

Creative and curious Front-End Web Developer; with a passion for usability, ideas, and clever progressive technology. I’m constantly learning, and improving. I will begin a M.I.S. program starting late fall of 2018 in ‘Information Systems Technology (Web Development)’ to push and solidify my skills and knowledge further. To stay up with trends I enjoy industry blogs and neat resources such as ‘FreeCodeCamp’. Outside of Software Development I hold additional interests in Business and Design. I look forward to working with a creative and open team on exciting and interesting interactive projects!

Bellevue University, Remotely — B.ASc. Web Technologies, GPA 3.9

May 2017 - November 2018

Notable Courses: Unix/Linux, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, Information Security, Content Management Systems, eCommerce, DB Design/T-SQL,, & more. Honors.

Reynolds College, Richmond, VA — A.A.S. Information Systems Technology, ’Internet Applications Development’ (Web Design) GPA 3.7

January 2008 - May 2011

Notable Courses: Java, Telecom, JavaScript, DB Design/SQL, (X)HTML/CSS, PhotoShop, Flash, Web Design, Economics, Computer Science, Math, & more., Remotely — Front-end Certification

Spring 2018

HTML4/5,CSS2/3, SASS, Wordpress CMS, Drupal CMS, LAMP stack, JavaScript, JSON/AJAX, jQuery, PHP, mySQL, Angular, OOP, Waterfall Methodology, Agile Methodology, Accessibility/Section 508, Layout/Graphic Design, Cross Browser/Cross Device, Mobile Web Development /Responsive/Adaptive, PM tools; JIRA/Asana/Slack, etc. Git/SVN version control, Best practices/standards, Semantic/legible/valid code, Project scoping, Adobe Suites, Magento CMS, Usability/I.A., End-to-end web development, Web Design, Photography, Linux/Mac OSX/ubuntu, Sublime/Brackets/ Visual Studio, Basic C#/, Internet Marketing, API development, Command line, Hosting/server management/CDNs, Issue tracking, Bug fixing, Troubleshooting, Performance/Speed optimization, Technical writing, Email Dev

Web Development Instructor, CodeWizardsHQ

Oct 2016 – Feb 2017 Volunteer duration

Technical Writer on Responsive Design, Smoking Designers

March 2012 – July 2012 Volunteer duration

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